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About Announcement Ads

Announcements can be of any type and do not necessarily be classified under any specific category. Any sort of public event, religious ceremony or formal announcements can be classified as an announcement.

ReleaseMyAd helps you choose the best newspapers and packages for you book your announcements without any hassles and at no extra charges.

Change of names, Lost & Found Articles, Adoptions, Cancellations & Postponements, Community Events, Clubs/Organizations, Christenings/Namkaran, you name it and ReleaseMyAd provides with these types of announcements to choose from.

ReleaseMyAd publishes all this at great packages in just a few clicks!! NO waiting in queues, No hassles and No extra commission charges!!! Only booking ads with ease and comfort!!

Why Book Announcement Ads in Newspapers?

Announcements as the word suggests are public declarations or statements which is supposed to be known by the mass. So the most basic and the best form of mass communication is a Newspaper.

Publishing announcements in newspapers are a rampant and prevalent activity as newspapers have an
extensive reach and are available in regional languages as well. They can even aim a particular section of people due to the different religious, social, entrepreneurial categories available to publish classified & display ads.

ReleaseMyAd makes this task easier for you with our online newspaper ad booking service. You can get your ad published under your desired category in the newspapers of your choice at no extra cost with ReleaseMyAd.

We are authorized to book newspaper business ads online as we are recognized and accredited by the Indian Newspaper Society (I.N.S) - the primary governing council for all media publications.

The entire ad booking process comprises of just 3 easy steps: Select the Newspaper, Compose your Ad and Confirm the Dates of your release along with the Payment!

If you have any other specific queries regarding booking ads under this category then please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section of Announcements.